Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr. Duey's 7 Twitter Tips

If you want to be successful at Twittering then follow some of Duey's basic rules.

1. (Breaking News)
If you want your Tweets to be seen, incorporate something popular that is being searched at the time you're writing your Tweet. example: Kanye West, Taylor Swift, or some kind of breaking news that everyone is talking about. Try to incorporate it into your Tweet somehow without getting away from the main news.

2. (Don't flood Twitter)
Don't post every minute, on the minute. I don't want my Tweets flooded with a million Tweets of what you're doing every minute. It gets really annoying, plus your important Tweets get lost in your own sea of Tweets. Got it?

3. (Thank you)
Unless it's spam, follow the people following you and thank them for following. Got that? Always follow up with the people that take time to show interest in what your doing/saying.

4. (Re-Tweet)
Re-Tweet things you find interesting that others have Tweeted. Much like chain emails, keep them going, that's how you pick up more buzz resulting in followers.

5. (140 characters)
Don't use all the 140 characters Twitter gives you. Ok, maybe only sometimes. Think about it, you probably don't read every word of your fellow Twitterer's, so try to keep it short and interesting.

6. (Irrelevant content vs. relevant content)
Don't tell me that your brushing your teeth or taking out the garbage. Instead, try to talk about what show your watching, or what song your listening to. Example: Watching U of M football game and drinking a Mountain Dew. These are brands, trends and much more fun to read then "brushing my teeth".

7. (Brand yourself).
Use your picture and brand yourself on your Twitter page. It's very easy to put a picture in the background or as your avatar. In general people like to see what you look like, especially when your chatting or Twittering all day. That's why every social network asks you to upload a profile picture.

Thanks and I hope this makes your Tweeting much more effective and fun. Follow Mr. Duey today!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reaching Out To Mountain Dew

After being a fan of Mountain Dew for a number of years now, we feel timing is right for Mountain Dew to come out with a line for Mr. Duey...

It should be called Mountain Duey!

Also we think it should be an energy/brain stimulant type of drink. Maybe with a little Ginkgo Biloba added to it and less sugar for the younger kids.. Combine Mountain Duey with his educational rap songs and you will have nothing but success in school!

What do you think about a Mountain Duey drink for kids? Tell us by leaving a comment, or here is the link to Pepsi Co. so you can tell them directly.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 Back to School iPhone Apps

Back to school doesn't have to mean a return to the low-tech world of notebooks, textbooks and ballpoint pens. Here are our top 10 picks for iPhone applications to make life in the classroom quicker and easier. Note:

Mr. Duey suggests that you keep these apps for after school and for your homework only.

1. CourseSmart
2. Stanza
3. Evernote
4. gFlashPro
5. Graphing Calculator
6. MyHomework
7. Facebook
8. Dictionary.com
9. Documents to Go
10. Wikipanion

The full descriptions can be found here

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mr. Duey on Channel 4 News

NBC affliate Channel 4 WDIV Detroit. They did a feature story on Mr. Duey and the benefits of incorporating rap music in classrooms. Thank you to Paula and the WDIV for covering Mr. Duey's story.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reach Out

Mr. Duey is showcasing his fans by posting fan drawings and creative art on the top of www.MrDuey.com and all of his social networks. Keep the trend going. Reach out with your Mr. Duey hand photo!! Shout out to all the students that check out the website and promote Mr. Duey's music. Submit art and drawings to fans@mrduey.com

Also, on Mr. Duey's Myspace page you can record a message FREE of charge on the Snapvine recorder. Just click the "record by phone" box and call the number, then leave a message for Mr. Duey. You don't have to be a member to do this. He does listen to them all. Mr. Duey's Myspace is www.Myspace.com/KaasRecords

Thanks Fans!!

P.S. Upload photos with your G1, IPhone, Voyager, PalmPre, Blackberrys, Blueberries, and any other kind of berry phones you might have.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Cells" video just added!

Mrs. Bunyi in Murfreesboro TN, had her 4th class create Mr. Duey's "Cells" video after a school performance by Mr. Duey last November. The students participated in recording the live show and implementing student drawings and pictures in the video..The 4th Graders created the entire video and was produced by Angela Bunyi.

Voted #1 on Scholastic.com - Inside Angela's 4th Grade Classroom

"This is one of the most popular links on Teachertube, and it is easy to see why! When I first heard Mr. Duey's music last year, I knew we just HAD to have him perform at our school. This actual classroom teacher offers a CD, lyrics, musis, t-shirts, and even school performances. With an actual background in music, Mr. Duey's songs will become an addition to your classroom repertoire." -Mrs. Bunyi

(voted number one do to his balance of reaching across the content areas on one CD-and for his coolness)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Just wanted to post a blog about our friends at TeacherTube.com

They have recently changed the site layout and added some cool features. Other than tutorial videos from teachers, they now have Docs, Photos, Audio, Forums and new look to your profile page.

Docs- is a chance for teachers to upload Excel, Word, PDF and more. You can upload lessons, facts, tests and other related educational articles

Audio- is a chance for teachers to upload music they create to make learning a little more easier and fun.

Photos- is where you can share photos of your class and other fun/related school photos.

Also if you create a TeacherTube channel you can now blog on your channel.

Check out TeacherTube.com and tell them Mr. Duey sent ya!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Students, welcome back to school!

I hope all the students had a great summer off. It' that time to start getting your brains focused on the task at hand. School!

I know it's hard to get back into the swing of things, but it's a tough world out there and you need your education. Study hard then you can play hard. If you're having trouble grasping some of the info, you can always listen to some of my music on your iPods.

I wish all of you a great and prosperous year. I hope all of you will get A's and have some fun doing it. Make your teachers and parents proud, but more importantly succeed for yourself.

-Mr. Duey

Friday, September 4, 2009

Song List for "Class Dis-Missed"

Song List Available on "Class Dis-Missed"

Math Songs

Fractions, Plotting, Greatest Common Factor / Least Common Multiple, Integers, Measurement

Language Arts
Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Essays

Science Songs
State of Matter, 3 Rocks, Cells, Atoms

Social Studies Songs
Latitude / Longitude, Core Democratic Values, Branches of Government, Things Changed (Martin Luther King)

Note: All songs can also be downloaded individually at these locations:
iTunes Store:

iTunes USA
iTunes U.K
iTunes Japan
iTunes Canada
iTunes Australia/N.Z.
Amazon MP3

Note: Class Dis-Missed has the "Instrumentals" CD available for download. You can now create, or sing-a-long using Mr. Duey's beats.

Also, Class Dis-Missed Vol 2. Coming Soon!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mr. Duey Merchandise Line

Check out the new Mr. Duey merchandise line featuring clothes for men and women.


We now have mugs, hoodies, t-shirts, track suits, clocks, sweatshirts and much more! Also, check out our line of "Green Clothes". These are t-shirts that are made of organic materials. We also have the kids section for the young ones. Check it out and rock some new Mr. Duey merch today!

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